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Colorful world from the sensors of sattelite

April 1, 2012
European Space Agency has celebrated the anniversary with a gallery of the unforgettable imagery captured by Envisat’s eight sensors.The largest civilian Earth-observing satellite has orbited the planet more than 50,000 times.With ten sophisticated optical and radar sensors, the satellite continuously observes and monitors Earth’s land, atmosphere, oceans and ice caps.

Envisat’s largest instrument is the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar, which can be used day or night because it sees through clouds and darkness.This is particularly useful over polar regions, which are prone to long periods of bad weather and extended darkness.

Other instruments include the Radar Altimeter, which measures surface topography to an accuracy of a few centimetres, revealing the changes in sea-surface height over time.

Envisat satellite
A phytoplankton bloom in the South Atlantic Ocean

satellite photography
The Indus River in India and southern Pakistan
The islands of Hawaii

european envisat satellite
The Himalayas, as seen by Envisat

colorful world
The Tanezrouft Basin in the Algerian Sahara

beautiful world
The Ganges Delta, the world s largest river delta

beast photography
Kamchatka in Russia

beautiful photography
Clouds south of the Canary Islands

online foktai photography
Sierra Nevada mountains form a barrier between two very different types of terrain

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