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Amazing Futuristic aircraft designs of Nasa

February 7, 2012
Our ability to fly at supersonic speeds over land in civil aircraft depends on our ability to reduce the level of sonic booms. NASA has been exploring a variety of options for quieting the boom, starting with design concepts and moving through wind tunnel tests to flight tests of new technologies.

This rendering of a possible future civil supersonic transport shows a vehicle that is shaped to reduce the sonic shockwave signature and also to reduce drag.

Future aircraft design concept for supersonic flight over land

Northrop Grumman’s concept is based on the extremely aerodynamic “flying wing”

Boeing’s advanced vehicle concept centers around the familiar blended wing body design like the X-48

The “double bubble” D8 Series future aircraft design

The “Icon-II” future aircraft design

The Hybrid Wing Body H-Series future aircraft design

This computer rendering shows AMELIA (Advanced Model for Extreme Lift and Improved Aeroacoustics)

This computer-generated image shows a possible future “flying wing” aircraft
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