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Beautiful frozen droplets – Must see

January 21, 2012
A drop of liquid explodes into a multicoloured splash in these pictures taken at a ten thousandth of a second by photgrapher Jim Kramer.The photos were captured using a timer which tracks the path of falling drops.With amazing accuracy a flash set off at the exact split second captures the water on impact.IT manager Jim Kramer used water and cream, coloured with food dye to create the eye-catching scenes.

All of the pictures were taken in the basement of Jim’s home in Cincinnati, Ohio. Using an underwater pump linked to the timer, he was able to shoot a jet of water into the air to collide with the falling drop
Jim Kramer: “The picture of the multicoloured droplet was created by putting food dye on a blob of cream. I then released a droplet of cream onto that and caught it on camera as it exploded”.

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