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Now the Official world’s highest bridge : Baluarte Bridge

January 7, 2012
The world’s tallest suspension bridge opened in Mexico Thursday spanning a ravine higher than New York’s Empire State building and Paris’ Eiffel Tower.At 403 meters or 1,322 feet tall, the Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge connects between the northwestern states of Sinaloa and Durango in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains.

The Baluarte Bridge (El Puente Baluarte) is a cable-stayed bridge in Mexico. It is located between the municipalities of Concordia in Sinaloa and Pueblo Nuevo in Durango, along the Durango-Mazatlan highway. The bridge spans 1,124 m in length,with a cable-stayed span of 520 m.

With the road deck at 403 m (1,322 ft)[1] above the valley below, the Baluarte Bridge is the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world, and the second-highest bridge overall. Construction on the bridge began on 21 February 2008.

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