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Earthflight gives a bird’s eye view of the world -Must see

December 30, 2011
BBC One latest nature series, captures some of the world’s greatest wildlife phenomena and natural wonders through the eyes of birds. Earthflight provides a bird’s-eye view of the world, joining the journeys of our feathered friends as they soar across six continents. Cutting-edge camera work uses spycams, satellites and hang-gliders, while slow-motion techniques give exquisite detail, be it high in the sky or skimming above the ground.

Rainbow Lorikeets flying in front of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour, Australia

Scarlet Macaw in flight

Brown pelicans flying under Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Swallow flying low over water to drink, UK
Fish eagle flying under rainbow, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa

Barnacle geese over Tantallon Castle, Scotland

Flying over Mississippi River, USA

Snow geese flying through Monument Valley, USA

Cape gannet flying over gannet colony

Iguazu Falls, Argentina-Brazil

An S-shaped island of lesser flamingos, Kamfers Dam, South Africa

Rock Dove, Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, India

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