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Amazing creatures made from paper are so real – Must See

December 29, 2011
Brian Chan began making his breathtaking sculptures when he was just ten years old and taught himself the Japanese art-form using books as a guide.He is craft instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The creatures seem to reveal the full complexity of life – and yet each is made from a piece of paper.He has now fashioned more than 100 unique artworks, from people to jungle cats. Many of the models are insects, who make an impressive final product thanks to their scales, shells and antennae.

Most are made from one piece of paper, with extra sheets occasionally used for contrasting parts of the figure, such as a shell or clothing.Brain Chan said: ‘I started by copying work of other authors about 20 years ago, but after a while I was good enough to start coming up with my own pieces.

Image Gallery of creatures :-
Imaginative design of a dragon

Sculpture of a human
Each animal is made primarily from a single piece of coloured paper

Japanese inspiration

Grasshopper of brown parchment

This amazing model blends in perfectly with a real leaf

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