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Eye catchy work of art by Mark Mawson : Aqueous II

December 11, 2011
Some people see huge fiery mushroom clouds like the results of an atomic bomb and others see toadstools – but these images are just splashes of paint dripped into water.

The creative 42-year-old has been taking pictures for 22 years but recently came up with his eye-catching method of creating the watery blobs. Mark, who specializes in shooting underwater scenes and people.

He takes different kinds of paint and drops them into a tank before snapping the outcome with his camera, using a strobe to light up the scene.

His works have caught the eyes of art collectors from as far afield as Hong Kong and Mark is hoping to turn his series into a new book.He said”I have had great responses. Viewers can see different things in them and interpret them for themselves”.

When shooting, Mark needs to be quick with his camera-finger because the shapes last only for a split second. “It’s a laborious process but worth it when you see the images,” he added.


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