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Masterpiece mock-up digital images look like classics

November 6, 2011
At first glance these portraits look like timeless renaissance classics.But these images are not the famous original paintings – but world famous actors in some famous pictures.

Angelina Jolie’s face appears as the Mona Lisa while while another shows Friends star Jennifer Aniston in washerwomen’s clothes.

The modern-day digital mock-up, right, shows Angelina Jolie in the famous Mona Lisa portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1519.

Jacques-Louis David’s Portrait Of A Young Woman In A Turban, painted in around 1800, now has a friendly face – actress Jennifer Aniston.

John Singer Sargent’s 1893 portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan gets a makeover, with actor Johnny Depp striking a pose in the modern version.

Nicole Kidman in a portrait: All these mocked up images were award winners.

Michael Jackson’s face is superimposed onto a 19th century portrait.

Actress Catherine Zeta Jones is depicted as a member of the 18th century aristocracy in the style of masters such as Reynolds and Gainsborough.

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