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The world’s first 7-billionth baby Danica May Camacho

October 31, 2011
A newly born baby girl named Danica May Camacho, the Philippines’ symbolic seven billionth baby, is weighed in the Fabella Maternity hospital in Manila on October 31. The world’s population will reach seven billion on October 31, according to projections by the United Nations, which says this global milestone presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the planet.

A string of festivities are being held worldwide, with a series of symbolic 7-billionth babies being born.The celebrations began in the Philippines, where baby Danica May Camacho was greeted with cheers and an explosion of photographers’ flashbulbs at Manila’s Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital.

The Guardian newspaper reported that Danica, whose name means morning star, had been chosen by the U.N. to be one of a number of symbolic 7 billionth babies. It is not known who the actual baby is.

Midwives hold Danica May Camacho up for the cameras.

Danica arrived two minutes before midnight Sunday, but doctors decided that was close enough to count for a Monday birthday.The baby received a shower of gifts, from a chocolate cake marked “7B Philippines” to a gift certificate for shoes.

“She looks so lovely,” the mother, Camille Galura, whispered as she cradled the 5.5-pound baby, who was born about a month premature.

Danica May Camacho is coddled by her mother Camille as United Nations resident coordinator Jacqui Badcock, left, hands over a gift and Philippine Health Secretary Enrique Ona, right, looks on, during a welcoming ceremony after she was born at a government-run maternity hospital in Manila. Weighing 2.5 kilos, the baby was delivered shortly before midnight October 30 amid an explosion of flash bulbs from a media contingent that had waited for hours at the delivery room.


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