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The incredible optical illusions Pencil vs reality…

September 25, 2011
You have often heard about art imitating life, but an artist has taken the saying to a whole new level with an incredible collection of drawings that reveal a masterful eye for illusion.
                 Reality meets fantasy in this amazing series of drawings which are to be exhibited at art shows in London next month.Using expertly-drawn sketches, Belgian artist Ben Heine blends pencil, photography, imagination and reality – and the results are truly astonishing.

This incredible sketch has captures the boats on the water sitting alongside a mermaid on a rock. A carefully-cut hole in the paper even makes room for the diver as he prepares to launch himself overboard.

This man is a little more exposed than he should be in this clever drawing.

These worker ants have been magnified as they walk across the twig in this piece.

Heine describes himself as a multidisciplinary visual artist who is inspired by people and nature.The 28-year-old grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where he lived for seven years with his parents and three sisters before moving back to Brussels in 1990.

He has become well-known for three art concepts he has been working on, including his Pencil Vs Camera project.

Tiny men are seen jumping from block to block in this sketch. The drawing makes the apartment blocks on the horizon look like the computer game Tetris.

A quirky take on the BBC Breakfast presenters turn them back into two dimensional figures.

This drawing splits the vehicle in two and has tiny toy cars driving through the middle of it.

An old-fashioned tram is seen rattling through a quiet street… but there’s more to this than meets the eye.

A man is seen turning a camera on human’s earliest ancestors, in this humorous take on the theory of evolution.

This incredible image breathes new life into this snapshot of three smiling children.

One lonely panda, looking for companionship, seeks same… but is he really there?.

These two donkeys are given a Heine makeover, complete with crazy sunglasses and thought bubbles.

A woman and child peer at some houses below, oblivious to the fact that one of the buildings has bee given a sketchy makeover.

This clever sketch gives a volcano an all together more interesting landscape.

Those suffering from vertigo should look away now – this creation turns a pavement into a precarious mass of vertiginous blocks.

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